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Recent news

2014 04 8

Math-Science version 3.7
Add new capability to the Math graph grid: scale for the x-axis and the y-axis.

2014 03 31

Math-Science version 3.6
Add new graphs: predominance diagrams and axis in acid/base chemistry
Add Programmatic Insertions (Ctrl+Shift+M) and Quickparts (F3) to the template.

2014 02 11

Math-Science version 3.5
Bug correction in the Expression Editor
Add two new tables in the Handbook (IRM)
Add colors to the template buttons.

2013 12 07

Math-Science version 3.4.1
Bug correction in the new version of the Chemical Formula Editor
This bug hided index in groupments and prevented from backwark correction in formula edition.

2013 12 03

Math-Science version 3.4
New version of the Chemical Formula Editor from D. Grenier and JP. Gachassin
Correction of the bug that prevented from grouping the Geometre drawings.