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About the contributors and the templates...

The Scidot project has started in 1998.
Jérôme Paillet has developped the Sciences template, from the aMaths template from Marc Guillemot and from the library of automatic insertions from Vincent Samuel, then Gilles Daurat has developped GDmath.
In 2004, Nicolas Galan has drawn the library of drawings for chemistry: 3D glassware, apparatus, symbols of danger.
In 2007, Gilles Daurat and Jérôme Paillet have worked to move the templates to the new ribbon interface for Word 2007 and the newer versions of Word: Word 2010 and Word 2013.
In 2013 we have fusionned the templates into one: Maths-Sciences.
Marc Abiven has contributed to develop a better web site.
Rémi Thomas develop the template installation on each version of Word and Windows.
Gilles Daurat and Jérôme Paillet are the main programmers, and Denis Grenier and Jean-Pierre Dachassin joined them at the beginning of year 2013 with their chemical formula editor. End of year 2013 we added new library of drawings in Physics and Chemistry from Jean Le Bris.
In 2014 Pascal Boulangé and Jérôme Paillet have developped the icon template.
During the first half year of 2015, Denis Grenier and Jérôme Paillet have rewritten the template to run with the dotNet framework.